Looking for Fiberglass Needle Punch Felt in Thailand? Introducing general spec of E-glass fiberglass needle punch mat available in Thailand. Thickness can be as thin as 3mm.

Date : 2023.09.04

What is Needle Punch felt in the first place? What is it made of?

E – Glass fiber is an inorganic fiber that is thermally, electrically, and chemically stable. Needle punch felt is made by opening the long glass fibers into wool.

It is made into a felt shape after undergoing a needling process. Due to its stability and relatively low cost, it is used in a wide range of industrial applications. In general, no binder is used for the felt.

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What is the characteristics and its applications?

A needle punch felt made from mainly E glass fiber are used as a material for heat insulation and sound absorption especially in high-temperature areas. The characteristics of E long glass fiber (noncombustibility, electrical insulation) and the shape of the needle punch felt brings the following performance. 

1. Heat resistance can be at a safe operating temperature of 650℃ or less.

2. Workability is high with safety. It is easy to cut and does not contain asbestos.

3. In general, wide variety of size are available.

Thickness (t)Density (kg/m³) Width (mm)Length (m)

Its applications are wide range such as;

Automobiles and relate industry: ships, automobile mufflers, agricultural machine, construction machine mufflers, thermal insulation materials for diesel engines

Natural resource industry: Insulating material for gas equipment/insulating material for oil equipment/sealing material for gas water heaters

Boilder/Furnace Industry: Insulation materials for various boilers, insulation curtain for industrial furnaces, etc.

Sound-absorbing purpose: interior materials for machine rooms, heat-insulating sound-absorbing materials for factory equipment etc

What is E Glass in the first place?

There are several type of glasses invented for the glass fiber use. For example, “C” (stands for “Chemical”) glass has an excellent chemical resistance. “S” (stands for “strong”) glass has high strength. “E” glass is electric glass, which has high dielectric breakdown characteristics. It is an alkali-free. E-glass fiber is made by spinning this type of glass to a diameter of around 9 to 13 μm in general. Since this fiber has high strength and elastic modulus, it is used mainly for FRP with silani or borane surface treatment.

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