We sell “the value” to our customer.

We, MAEDA GLASS, started our business with glass for light bulbs and vacuum tubes, and we have now grown up to development trading company.

Based on the trust we have built up with our customers in Japan and overseas for over 90 years, we create something that is essentially valuable.

Respecting diversity, understanding different cultures, and providing products and ideas that are suitable for the land and environment in cross-border.

“MAEDA will figure something out”

We will meet your expectation.

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  • Automotive

    Our main glass products, glass and other products for automotive

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  • Electronic devices

    Glass products for Electronic devices. Automotive, householding, smartphone, etc...

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  • Industrial

    Raw material of industrial products resin, glass fiber, chemicals… For Reinforcement, heat resistant, and more functionally

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  • Medical

    Glass product for medical equipment. High quality from Japan

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  • Others

    Other product for various market

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Maeda Product Gallary

About Us

A trading company specializing in industrial glass.

Our main products are wide varuety of glass which from be used invisible parts to automotive lighting bulbs, and others.

The mission is to sell “value” to our customers.

Not only sell products, but also develop products with customers that you can feel the value from the trust we have cultivated and more than 90 years of experience.

Of course, please leave inquiries other than glass and procurement of related parts.

Japan, China, Indonesia … We will make various proposals by making use of our network with neighboring countries.

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