Looking for Fiberglass Fabric in Thailand? How is it made? Introducing general Fiberglass Fabric specifications.

Date : 2023.01.11

What is Fiberglass fabric (Fiber Glass cloth)?

Fiberglass fabric is a fabric woven made with glass yarn. Its application is such as building materials, heat and cold insulation work, and surface materials to prevent scattering of glass wool or rock wool, and sound absorbing materials.

They are used in various places, such as office buildings, commercial facilities, factories, and various power plants. It plays an important role in supporting industry and people’s lives. In addition, thinner glass cloth can be used as a base material for printed wiring boards. t is used in a wide variety of electronic devices.

How to fold the glass cloth

Glass cloth has various weaving methods depending on the application. Below are some samples of weaves.

Plain weave: this is the most common basic weave. It is characterized vertical and horizontal (warp and weft) glass yarn alternately crossed. Used for facing glass cloth and many other applications.

Twill weave:  A weaving method in which the warp yarn straddles multiple weft yarns. A woven fabric with a pattern of oblique lines visible on the surface. It has more density and thickness compared to the plain weave. It is mainly used for insulating glass cloth.

Satin weave: It is more flexible than the twill weave. It is used for composite materials (FRP) and is suitable for molded products with complicated curved surfaces such as fishing rods and poles. It is also used for silica cloth.

Sealing: Sealing is performed to protect the surface of the glass cloth and prevent fraying and misalignment. In addition, compared to raw cloth, it is easier to handle.

Heat cleaning treatment: The yarn includes some binder on the surface. The binder may interfere with various post-weaving processes of glass cloth. Therefore, heat cleaning treatment is done to remove it.

Silane treatment: Various silane coupling binders are added to the cloth to improve compatibility with the resin after the abovementioned heat cleaning treatment.

Coatings: The glass cloth can be coated with various resin such as silicone, PTFE, and PVC. The usage varies depending on the application, for example for air conditioning duct fittings, insulation jackets, membrane materials, spark protection sheets, tents, etc.

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