Looking for ceramic foam filter in Thailand? Introducing its application and general spec of ceramic foam filter.

Date : 2023.08.15

What is a ceramic foam filter?

A ceramic foam filter is a filter that removes inclusions in the molten metal such as aluminum by pouring it into. It is a must-product especially in the casting industry. Good surface and internal quality, strength and durability can be ensured by removing such inclusions which greatly affect the quality of castings.

In general, it is made by impregnated fibers with such as alumina, silicon carbide, and zirconium.

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What are the characteristics of ceramic foam filters?

The ceramic foam filter has a complex internal porous structure. Therefore, it has an ability to capture inclusions and can be expected to be highly effective in removing such inclusions. The biggest feature is its heat resistance, which is generally said to be around 1,500°C.

Heat resistant temperature, thermal shock resistance, and price vary depending on factors such as porosity and density. For example, zirconium has a heat resistance temperature of over 1,600℃.

Which is better, Thai domestic or foreign product? Is there a difference in quality?

Many of the ceramic foam filters distributed in domestic are made in China although some of domestic manufacturers have many high-quality products. Ceramic products from China are generally cheaper but the quality is ensured as well. In general, price and quality tend to go opposite way but ceramic products from China are one of the exceptions. China leads the world in ceramic quality and prices. The reason for the low price is that China is the biggest supplier of alumina, the main raw material of ceramic.

Ceramic products support our lives in many ways, but they are also used in semiconductors and automobiles, and many global companies. If you are considering purchasing a ceramic foam filter, it is necessary to consider a wide range of overseas products, not limited to domestic products.

One of our subsidiaries directly import ceramic foam filters from China. Therefore, we achieve comparatively cheaper price than competitors in Thailand.

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