Looking for factory roof repair in Thailand? Introducing its risk and remarks. Isothan material may satisfy all of your needs for repairing, waterproof and thermal insulation.

Date : 2023.08.22

Factory Roof Reinforcement/Repair in Thailand

Most factories in Thailand use slate roofs. Slate is a general roof material made by processed cement into a thin shape. Generally, the lifespan of slate is said to be about 20 years, but in Thailand it is said to be much shorter due to the effects of solar heat continue throughout the year and acid rain in a rainy reason. Especially in Thailand, heavy rain falls every year during the season, but not many companies are perfect in preventing rain leakage out of the roof.

In addition, Thailand does not have a construction business law that requires registration and permission. Therefore, many companies may have had a hard time selecting contractors. Even after a contractor is selected, there are necessity that a certain portion of the payments need to be made before the completion. There seems to be some cases where contractors go missing during construction with the payments.

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What is the best way to repair roofs, prevent rain leaks, and waterproof the roof?

The main repair methods are summarized below. In the past, labor and utility costs used to be low in Thailand, so it was common to replace roofs when they were damaged. The cheapest way is to apply heat shielding or waterproofing to the top of the old slate roof, but it seems finally becoming an empirical rule in Thailand that this is just a life-prolonging method.

What is the best way to repair roofs, prevent rain leaks, and waterproof the roof?

As mentioned above, in Thailand depending on the selection of contractors (including its skill and credibility), the quality of the slate, etc., repairing the roof of the factory may entail some risks. This is especially true for companies that cannot stop operations on weekends. Rigid Isothan resin for construction developed in Germany has become common in recent years for repairing factory roofs like in Japan, and the same material is also being imported into Thailand.

For example, there are cases where similar materials are used in high-rise buildings around Asoke Station, and there are local companies with a certain level of skills for the Isothan. The major feature is that repair, waterproofing, and heat shielding work can be done at once without stopping the operation of the factory.

What is Isothan?

It is a foamed urethane resin with waterproof performance developed for constructions in Germany. Because it is a foam, it is very light and achieves insulation, reinforcement, and waterproofing at the same time. Due to its lightness, there is no need for structural reinforcement of existing buildings, making it possible to repair roofs without stopping factory operations.

For example in Japan, one the economic leading country in Asian, there are many achievements as a roofing material for the factories of major companies. In Thailand, many companies, including local companies, are considering its installment.

If you are interested, please contact us below. We will also introduce you to a trustable contractor for the Isothan installment (please be assured that we do not enter the commercial scheme).

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